​Diana has sold us 2 Von Haus Middleton German shepherd puppies over the years. Both of them are healthy well behaved and with beautiful confirmation. She made the transaction easy and we got to meet both parents and siblings at where the puppies were bred and whelped. We would never think of doing business with anyone else. You can rest assured she has done her homework when choosing the right breeding for health and temperament in her puppies.


Cheryl, California​​


We are very happy with our newest addition to our family! It was hard to pick just one as all the puppies were in prime condition. We ended up picking a beautiful 4 month old puppy who was left from a previous litter. We just had a special connection to this pup And it fit well for our family (3 year old daughter and newborn). Getting a puppy that was already potty trained was important to us. A bit easier to start off with as we are first time GSD owners. We hope to continue to use the Von Haus Middleton pups for future additions to our family. Diana and her husband are amazing to work with! She even met me and our new pup (echo) at his first get appointment to make sure everything went well. We are very grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder that truly cares about each dogs well being!

Chrystal, Oregon​​​​​


Diana is a great breeder. All of her dogs have great lines and she only improves what they already have. The service is excellent and the medical care she puts into the dogs is amazing. She screens every applicant so that the puppy has the right owner. If you're looking for a quality puppy with great working lines...then look no further than Vom Haus Middleton!!!

John, California


We had a great experience with Vom Haus Middleton German Shepherds. They were very friendly and easy to work with. What they present on their webpage is exactly what they have which is excellent dogs who are cared for with love. It’s obvious they know what they are doing and love what they do.

Email Update:  ​This guy has been amazing! He has adjusted to us perfectly and his fun personality has come out. He has even started showing a little of his protective side but is mainly enjoying being a happy goofy puppy.

He is a very attentive considering he is only 4 months old and doesn’t like to stray too far from us even when we are outside.

His paint stripe on his back did bleed down his sides, we were expecting it but it’s still caught us off guard how much his color changed. He gets compliments from strangers all the time :)​

Derek, Oregon​​​


Diana breeds phenomenal dogs. We have 2 females from her (both from Chaos, with different mothers) our older female has the best drive of any dogs I have ever seen. She was the top of her scent class by leaps and bounds. Having said that, she is also able to relax around the home and proves to be an excellent guard dog. She is truly the quintessential GSD. Our 1 year old is also quite smart and has the happiest disposition, but still understands her role as a guard dog as well. She also has beautiful sable coloring. As long as Diana breeds GSDs, she will be my breeder.


Jake, California


We can’t say enough great things about VHM German Shepherds!! The process and communication were great and we were so appreciative of all the updates while we made the decision on which puppy to get . VHM and Diana made the process very easy and understandable . They greatly care about what they do and made delivery easy. Our family welcomed our girl Sage in January! We get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog she is ! We could not be more happy with our new family member . Thank you so much VHM for making our family complete!


Brad, California


​I have 2 of Diana’s shepherds, Porter 7-1/2 year old male and Xena 2 year old female. They are beautiful, healthy and incredibly smart. Diana takes the time to socialize the pups before sending them home. She is very knowledgeable with this breed. I would recommend her to anybody that wants to add a GSD to their home!​​​​​

Email Update:  I also wanted to tell you how much I love Porter and Xena! These two have filled my heart with so much love! They are truly a blessing!  
Keep doing what you’re doing because your dogs are incredible!!​


Sandy, California​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Diana is a very professional breeder. She loves her dogs and makes sure that they are healthy. 
Her follow through is great. 
I have one of her pups. He’s now almost 3.
Her dogs come from excellent stock.
The temperament of her dogs is great.
Good ‘off switch’

​​​​​​Teri, California​​


​​​He has a fantastic disposition. One of the best of any dog I’ve ever had or handled. He is very good with people and children. He’s for the most part gotten through the jumping up on people although he still sometimes does it with me. People often comment on how calm he is. He really likes other dogs and plays well with everything from puppies to old dogs. Today we met a playful 16 year old wolf-husky mix and he was very gentle with him. He does not fight. When other dogs become aggressive with him he just tries to run and turn it into a game or to escape. The problem is that there are a fair number of other dogs that do not seem to like him. Because of this, and for other reasons, I’ve trained him to stay within 10-15 ft. of me when we meet other dogs at the beach or at the dog park. He is also not allowed to interact until I give him the go ahead. That way if something happens he is close enough for me to act.

His training is going very well although I don’t work with him on that as much as I should. For example he is a little sloppy on his position at heel when off leash but he is very good with vocal commands. When we are in the forest and come upon other people or dogs I can just step off the trail and tell him to heel and he does so and holds as the people/dogs pass. I don’t even have to put him on a leash anymore under those circumstances. As I’ve said before he is a very fast learner.

He is also very protective at home. Very vocal. He is also very talkative with me.

In closing I just want to say thank you. Tasman is a wonderful dog and he has really filled a void in my life. We are pretty much together 24/7 and when not he is almost always waiting for me in my truck. My friends all know that if they invite me over they are also inviting Tas. He’s a great companion and friend.​

​​​​​​​​Jay, California​


Update on Elsa..... she is so freaking perfect!! She learns so quickly I can't believe she is almost one year old. She loves everyone that comes over and loves going on car rides. And she is attached to my husband's hip at all times. 

​​​​​​​​Michelle, California​


Scout is doing so well though, such a happy boy. He loves everyone, especially kids and other dogs. I never thought we'd end up at a dog park but they got a new one here in Shasta Lake and since we only had one family with dogs in our social circle we decided to give it a try. Scout now looks forward every day to his evening visit where his favorite game is keep away with all his dog friends. Doesn't care so much about treats but is insane over his ball so I started using that for training instead. I can get him to do almost anything for that stupid ball lol. We've been doing a lot of hiking and swimming and I'm super sad winter is coming but I'm going to try and continue as much of our activity as possible. He kind of leaves me no choice, it's either get his energy out or strangle him lmao. I remember you saying I'd want to kill him at times and now I understand that part too haha. He's still growing big, weighed 75 lbs at his 6 month. We'll have to weigh again here in a couple weeks for more heartworm/flea/tick medicine. I bet he's around 85 now at least. He feels like 500 when he's stepping all over me on the couch lol. I call him Cadillac because he's got this long, lanky body. He's become so beautiful and quite dark, especially from a distance. He makes us so happy (and mad hehe).

Denae, California​

Maverick vom Haus Middleton

​​Hello - just giving you an update on maverick he’s doing great! His first vet check up went well and he has adjusted very well to the new environment. He’s smart and loving, we look forward to getting him into training very soon now that he has got the basics down.  


​​​​​Jacob, Oregon​​


Ramsay is doing fantastic. He's everything we'd hoped he'd be. We couldn't be happier. Although some days I wish he'd just lay there and cuddle with me. Probably not going to happen with a driven dog. And he is only almost 6 months old. He has already started to master the sit and bark in protection, which is amazing. Maybe watching all those other dogs in the pen all that time he picked up a few things. I have recently started obedience training with him and that is going well, I have a lot to learn.


​​​​​​Beth & Kelly, California


Her training is going so well. She auto heels, comes instantly on command with no delays, and is a great ambassador for just how magical this breed can be. She is super friendly with a great temperament, but still with a healthy sense of wariness with strangers. She will not take food from a non-pack member without our okay. Food is not her motivator. Certain toys are.

Kids love her as she will play wrestle and joyfully cover them in kisses. If a kid is too rough she simply comes to my side for me to deal with it. Other than play growls with her favorite ball she has NEVER growled or shown aggression towards other dogs or humans. Never. Though she has an almighty alert when appropriate, and that she turns off instantly when acknowledged and thanked. She is so very proud of herself almost all of the time and a dog that is just purely joyful and happy to be alive almost 100% of the time.

And she is so patient. No ramp up at meals or play. She simply waits and she gets what she wants. She is respectful.

She has never known harshness or anger or any kind of hitting. The love and trust implicit and binding.

In short we have received from you one of life's greatest gifts. A well bred, super loved, fabulously temperamented dog. She is loved and welcomed wherever we go.​​​​​​


​​Catherine, Oregon​


Having been blessed with over 60 years of being owned by various dogs (majority being GSD), I can verify it does make a difference in breeding quality standards.  We picked up our Sara this past year from John and Diane. We had lost our barely 8 year old GSD, Ruby Belle, to advanced DM (purchased from a backyard breeder).  Sara’s intelligence has been amazing, outshining our past pups. She is affectionate and loving. Beautiful in appearance, strong, and healthy.  Great investment for a long-term commitment to a best friend and companion 🤎​


​Jennifer, Oregon​​​​​​​


The investment in our dog from you was worth every penny. She is the best dog ever and people keep saying what a great dog. She looks beautiful, and is incredibly trainable.​



​​Tanya, California​​


​We love our new boy Tyber (fka lime collar)! The time, care and love Diana and John put into their breeding program and their dogs is unmistakable. From the new owner questionnaire, inviting us into their home and providing a tour of their facility to the genetic screening and reproduction specialist they use to provide care – the health and happiness of their dogs is their priority! We enjoyed meeting several of their dogs and Miss Penelope as well. Their patience while we met and played with all the pups in Tyber's litter to make our final choice was great. If you are looking for a healthy, high quality, GSD Vom Haus Middleton is an excellent breeding program.

Harris and Christy, Washington​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Here are a few of the reviews left on Google, Facebook comments and email updates from past clients about us and our dogs.