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Rayne Z Diehlomov
​Has Been Adopted
Are you looking for an adult German Shepherd Dog for companionship and protection? 

Rayne Z Diehlomov is a solid black, Czech-line German Shepherd Dog.  She just turned six on 09/04/15 and is retired from our breeding program.  Rayne is AKC registered and has her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title, she has OFA certified good hips, OFA certified normal elbows, is DM Clear and has her DNA on file with the AKC.  Rayne is up-to-date on all shots and vaccinations, to include the Rattlesnake vaccine. She is also on monthly HeartGard medication for prevention purposes.  Rayne is an extremely healthy, active girl but we feel she has done her share of puppy raising and deserves to retire in a home where she can get all the attention she craves.  Rayne needs to be able to take on the role of "best friend".

We are looking for absolutely the best home for Rayne and will be EXTREMELY selective about where she is placed.  Rayne does well with male dogs her own size and tolerates most female dogs, especially if they are submissive.  Proper introduction would be necessary to other household dogs and it may take time for her to adapt.  She does great with all our three males (including our 14-year-old lab/great dane mix).  She is a European working line shepherd, so she does have higher prey drive and probably wouldn't do good in a home with cats or other small animals that would run from her.   SHE WILL NOT BE PLACED IN A HOME WITH CATS.

Rayne needs to be an inside dog where she can be part of the family but needs to have a large yard to run in.  She has been spayed to ensure she is being sold as a family pet/companion only.  She may do well in obedience or Rally with the right person as she has great food drive and loves to work.  Rayne also loves to chase the ball, go to the lake for a swim and her favorite thing to do is going for car rides.  Rayne enjoys getting tons of attention and will become very loyal and protective of her family.  She has a wonderful temperament and does well with children and adults of all ages.  She will follow you everywhere and may even try to sneak up onto the couch or bed when you aren't looking, although she typically has good "inside" manners.

Here is a link to Rayne's pedigree:   

If you are interested in Rayne and feel you can offer her the home she deserves, please contact me at or via telephone at 530-440-5703.

Dakota vom Haus Middleton
Dakota is a female German Shepherd whelped on 04/28/11 and is being retired from our breeding program.  She should be available to her new family on December 14th, 2016 after she finishes nursing her last litter.  Dakota will be spayed prior to leaving our home and is being sold to a "pet/companion" home only (no shipping).  Dakota's sire was my police K9 partner and her dam is a European show-line from many V-rated dogs.  Dakota has the beauty and grace of a show-line, but the drives of her working-line sire.  Dakota is our family pet but has also been trained in protection bite work and excels in this area.  She has her Canine Good Citizen title and has OFA "good" hips and "normal" elbows.  She also has DNA on file.  Dakota is up-to-date on all shots and vaccinations, to include the Rattlesnake vaccine. She is also on monthly HeartGard medication for prevention purposes.  Dakota does great with adults and children of all ages.  She is indifferent to most other animals but would not do well with an alpha female.  I prefer she go to a home as an "only" pet or perhaps a home with another larger, male dog.  I will be very selective about where she is placed and all criteria MUST be met, including home ownership that involves a large, enclosed yard.  Dakota needs to be an inside dog where she can be part of the family but needs to have a large yard to run in.  Dakota enjoys going for bike rides, car rides, walks, playing fetch and getting lots of attention from her family.  

​​Here is a link to Dakota's pedigree:


For further information please contact Diana at or 530-440-5703.​​

SG Winnetou vom Ritterland, IPO3, KK1 Lifetime

Winnetou (call name Vinni) is a very nice Working Line German Shepherd Dog imported from Germany who just turned six years old a couple of months ago. He is an exceptional dog with a-normal hips (ZW #73) and a-normal elbows. He is DM “Clear” and has AKC and SV registration. He also has AKC and SV DNA. He is microchipped and has a very impressive working line pedigree. Vinni has a grey sable stock coat, is of medium size and has a very beautiful, block shaped head with intense eyes.

About Vinni's achievements:

KK1 lifetime – Breed Survey

SG – Show title

AD – endurance test

BH – Obedience title

IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3 (IPO3 scores: 100, 84, 96 [280 pts])

Vinni is a very sound-minded, good tempered dog. However; he is not to go to a “pet” or “family” home. Vinni is a very “hard” police-type dog and is more of a "one-person-dog" than a family pet. He needs a purpose and a very experienced handler – based on his scores, I suspect he would do very well for someone interested in competitive dog sports.

Vinni is currently being used as a stud dog with us and has been used for stud in Germany as well. He has produced calm, focused, physically correct puppies with great food/prey drives, making for easy trainability. He has been an excellent breeding stud and would make a great addition to any breeding program.

He recently had a collection and evaluation and all looked good. Vet records are available upon request.  

We are a small hobby breeder and currently have too many stud dogs.  Additionally, Vinni is the sire to our future breeding females so we will be unable to use him for stud.  We have decided to find Vinni a new home where he can get more attention and affection. Vinni is a strong Alpha dog and, although indifferent to most dogs/animals, he does not "play well with others". He also would not make a good "inside" dog, and prefers to stay in an indoor/outdoor kennel. He is crate trained and can be shipped to the right home for an additional charge.
SOLD AS OF 2/13/18
"ADOPTED AS OF 08/11/18"​
Chaos is a 5-year-old working line male German Shepherd Dog of German and Czech decent.  He is the grandson of my now deceased Police K9 partner, Tex vom Erlenbush and the great grandson of the world famous Asko von Der Lutter, the 2000 WUSV champion.  Asko is known in the German Shepherd world as being one of the most impressive working line dogs in history.  Chaos' dam is Rayne z Diehlomov, who also has a very impressive working line pedigree, including several WUSV participants.   
Chaos has OFA "good" hips and is DM "Clear".  His elbows are 0/1 and he has DNA on file with the AKC.  ​​He is AKC registered and has sired three litters of puppies with us.  One of those puppies is now a conservation K9 with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Chaos is very athletic with a nice, big head and long, muscular body.  Even though he has a very sweet demeanor and loves attention from his people, he can also be quite stubborn and needs someone with a strong, but kind, hand.  Chaos enjoys going for walks, bicycling with his people, car rides, protection training and swimming.​​  Ideally, I would like Chaos to go to a family home with working dog experience where he can get lots of attention.

Chaos does great both inside the house and outside.  He also gets along well with other female dogs and would probably be okay with submissive males.  He does have higher prey drive (he likes the chase) so I would not recomm
end him to go to a home with cats, chickens (unless confined to a coop), etc. Chaos loves all people and kids and will become territorial and protective of his home and family.  He's typically very well-mannered and does not jump on people or nip so he should be fine with younger children.  He has been started in protection training and enjoys his training on the bite sleeve.

I would prefer a co-ownership where we can keep him intact and use him for exclusive future breeding purposes (until he turns 8-years-old, at which point he will be neutered per our contract).  This would require residing within a 3-hour commute from Redding, California.  Please contact me for details and a copy of the written contract.​​

Please contact me at if you would like additional information on Chaos.
SG Meggy von der Fangschleuse, IPO1​​

​​​(Adopted as of 08/04/18)​
Meggy von der Fangschleuse

Meggy is a beautiful black/red show-line (100%) female that was imported from Germany. She is a medium sized female with a beautiful coat and excellent conformation. Meggy has a-stamped fast-normal hips, a-normal elbows, is DM "Clear" and has both German and AKC registration. She has been DNA'd both in Germany and through the AKC.

Meggy's Accomplishments:
SG - Show rating
AD- Endurance test
BH - Obedience title
IPO1 Working title

Meggy has a very loving and sweet temperament. She is playful and loves getting attention from her family. Meggy has good food, prey and hunt drive. She enjoys playing with a kong, going for car rides and "hunting" for squirrels in the yard. Meggy has a very impressive show-line pedigree consisting of many well-known VA and V rated show dogs.

Meggy is potty-trained, crate-trained and does great in both the house and in a kennel. That being said, I am looking for a home that will have Meggy be an “inside dog” and part of the family. Meggy is spayed and just turned six years old (birthday: 05/01/12). Meggy has both SV (German) and AKC registration and DNA. Meggy will be ready for her new home in approximately 8 weeks (June 23rd, 2018) when all of her puppies have gone to their new homes.  Meggy does good with all males and would probably be okay with submissive females.  No cats.

Her re-homing fee is $800 and I will be VERY selective of where she goes.  Please EMAIL me at if interested or if you would like more information.


Adopted as of 09/24/18

Uma z Holykova is a beautiful, 100% working line IPO2 female imported from the Czech Republic. Uma is on the larger side of the breed standard (about 90 lbs) and has excellent food and prey drive. She comes from a long list of famous dogs that are very well known within the German Shepherd dog community, including such dogs as Crok vom Erlenbusch, Angsbackens Rosso, Troll von der Bosen Nachbarschaft, Fado von Karthago and countless other WUSV champions and participants. She enjoys spending time with the family, going for car rides, swimming in creeks and chasing a kong for hours. Uma has a very loving, sweet personality but don’t let that fool you – she is a strong dog with a very protective nature. Uma has 0/0 elbows, a-fast normal hips and is DM Clear. She has AKC DNA on file.  Uma is a serious dog and very protective - she bonds quickly with her family but would not do great with cats or other dominant males/females.  I prefer she be the "only" dog although a submissive male of similar size would be okay.  Additionally, she is very toy possessive and therefore should not go to a home with young children.

​Uma is potty-trained, crate-trained and does great in both the house and in a kennel. That being said, I am looking for a home that will have Uma be an “inside dog” and part of the family. Uma will be spayed prior to leaving and will be seven years old (birthday: 05/03/11).  Uma will be ready for her new home approximately September 1st, when all of her puppies have gone to their new homes.

Uma's re-homing fee is $800 and I will be VERY selective of where she goes. Please EMAIL me at if interested or if you would like more information.
Jasper vom Haus Middleton - JASPER HAS FOUND A NEW HOME AS OF 01/19/2021

Jasper is looking for a new home!  He just turned four years old on August 31st, 2020 and needs an active home.  He is house trained and was raised around cats and other dogs.  He is neutered and although he does good with his "big" sister dog, he doesn't seem to like small dogs.  He can be somewhat stubborn and would do best in a home without young children.  He would do best with someone that has German Shepherd experience and will work with him on his manners.  His current owner stated that he is a very sweet, loyal and protective boy but he is a bit more than she can handle at her age.  He does have one floppy ear, which makes his expressions so adorable.  But don't let that cute face fool you, he is more than capable of doing protection work.  Here is the pedigree to his parents:​​

Sire:  ​​

Dam:  ​​

​​Jasper comes from German Import lines and a long history of good hips/elbows.  He is a DM Carrier but not "At Risk" of DM.  There is a $1000 re-homing fee.  If interested, please contact me at and I would be happy to answer any questions.