Tex competing in the annual Witmer-Tyson Trials held every year in La Honda, California. Tex is the son of Asko Von Der Lutter, a world champion working dog. He is registered with the SV (Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde) and AKC (American Kennel Club). Additionally, he has earned his AD, BH and Schutzhund 1 titles prior to becoming an accomplished Police Dog in the Bay Area. While working in Law Enforcement, Tex trained in searching, tracking, protection, obedience and narcotics detection. He was an awesome partner and had a wonderful retirement!  DOB: 11/20/99  EOW: 01/29/12 - RIP - you will forever be loved and missed!
Asko Von Der Lutter - Tex's Sire
Where it all began ...​

Asko was the 1st place winner in the 1998 Bundessiegerprufung, the 2000 FCI and the 2000 WUSV.  He was the 2nd place winner of the 1999 BSP and WUSV.  In 1998, he took 4th place in the WUSV. 

Information about the WUSV link:  http://gsdca.org/events/national-information/wusv-world-trial


Link to Asko Von Der Lutter Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gBy8fKpGas

Rayne's Sire Erri Z Blatenskeho Zamku (WUSV contender) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFt8PcM8hg0&feature=endscreen&NR=1

Rayne's Sire Erri Z Blatenskeho Zamku protection -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mmr4kuajSM

Eight week old Fergie playing with Sampson -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84VoEnksT8k&feature=share

Nine week old Fergie Playing with Rayne - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsP_uFCd9zg&feature=g-upl

Four month old Fergie playing with Sampson in the snow December 2012 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWZNgalJK2Q

Bianca playing fetch in 2011 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6gedmxIa6Q
Our Dogs and their Ancestry ...
RETIRED - Sampson Vom Haus Middleton is a plush coat, import line German Shepherd.  He is the son of Tex Vom Erlenbusch and the grandson of Asko Von Der Lutter.  Sampson has OFA certified "good" hips and "normal" elbows.  Sampson is a DM "Carrier".  As of 2022, Sampson is retired from our breeding program.
RETIRED - Chaos (DOB:  01/26/13) is the son of Rayne z Diehlomov and Sampson vom Haus Middleton.  He has a wonderful, playful personality and enjoys being around his people.  Chaos has an amazing on/off switch like none I have seen.  He can go from high drive on the training field to just being content laying next to the couch.  He is a green dog that has been started on obedience and protection.  He is AKC registered with DNA on file and has OFA "good" hips, 0/1 elbows and is DM Clear.  Chaos resides in Redding with his family, although we do still use him for breeding purposes periodically.
Zea Kateko was imported from the Czech Republic and has a very impressive pedigree with many famous dogs and kennels in her recent history.  She achieved her ZVV1 title at a very young age and is eager to please.  She has "a-normal" hips and a-normal elbows and is DM Clear.  Zea is clear-headed and has magnificent prey drive.  She is very social, yet always alert with a distinct, protective nature.  We are very excited to add Zea to our breeding program! 
Kenzi vom Haus Middleton was whelped on 04/29/17 and has a-normal hips, a-normal elbows (certified via the SV in Germany) and is DM Clear. She is from our G Uma z Holykova, IPO2 and SG Winnetou vom Ritterland, IPO3 breeding.  Kenzi has beautiful bone structure, a nice feminine head and a very calm, sound temperament. She has very strong food and prey drive, making her training easy and fun.  We can't wait to see what this amazing little girl can accomplish in her lifetime!  ​ 
Karma vom Haus Middleton was whelped on 11/16/17 and is a happy, playful girl.  She enjoys playing with her sisters, splashing around in water and chasing her kong.   She is from our G Uma z Holykova, IPO2 and SG Winnetou vom Ritterland, IPO3 breeding.  Karma, like her sister Kenzi, has beautiful bone structure, a nice feminine head and a very calm, sound temperament.  She also has great food and prey drive.  Her sound temperament allows her to focus well and make her training a breeze.  We look forward to watching her grow and reach her goals!  ​
Maggie Mae vom Haus Middleton was whelped on 04/20/18 and is from our SG Meggy von der Fangschleuse, IPO1 and Chaos vom Haus Middleton, PPD.  Maggie has the health and strength of her working line sire with all of the beauty of her show line dam.  She has very good food drive and is just an all around well balanced, happy dog.  Maggie is very focused, confident, loves the water, playing with her sisters and getting attention from her people.  We look forward to working with her over the next couple of years and adding her to our future breeding program.​
Havoc vom Haus Middleton was whelped on 07/26/19 and is from our Zea Kateko, ZVV1 and Chaos vom Haus Middleton, PPD, breeding.  Havoc is a dark sable, working-line German Shepherd with lots of personality.  Havoc is very playful and loving, yet he has all of the right drives that will make him a force to be reckoned with in the future.  As an adult, he should weigh approximately 85-90 lbs., have a big, strong head and long, muscular frame.  We expect him to be very athletic and also very protective.  He is a 4th generation VHM dog so we are extremely confident in how he will turn out and what he will produce in his future puppies.  Havoc was chosen as our future stud dog because he has all of the traits we look for in our lines.  Havoc will also contribute to keeping our Tex/Asko lineage within our breeding program.  
VD Donar Skočická samota, ZVV1 was imported from the Czech Republic on 10/29/21 and is our newest addition.  Donar has his VD (very good) show title, his ZVV1 working title (obedience, protection, tracking), breed survey KKL1 (recommended for breeding) has 0/0 hips, 0/0 elbows, 0-spondy and is DM Clear.  We are very excited about adding Donar to our breeding program and will make him available for stud once we complete his foreign registration process.
Princess Sophia vom Haus Middleton (call name Sophie) is one of our girls that we decided to keep for our next generation of breeding girls.  She is a beautiful, dark sable girl with lots of drive and personality.  She is AKC registered and DM Clear.  Prior to breeding, she will have all of her health certifications, including a review of her hips and elbows.  We expect Sophie to be added to our breeding program in the Summer or Fall of 2023​.  Until then, we will have lots of training time, play time and fun while we determine what Sophie has to offer the breed.
Yara vom Haus Middleton is a puppy we kept from our "Y" litter for our future breeding program.  Yara is an extremely dark sable girl whelped on 04/06/2022 from our Czech import girl, Zea Kateko, ZVV1 and our Czech import male, Donar Skocicka samota, ZVV1.  She is a very strong willed, high energy girl with excellent food and prey drives.  We hope to work with her in herding and once we get hips/elbows certified in 2023, add her to our breeding program beginning 2024.  We are very excited about what this little girl will have to offer our breeding program.